Terrell is a personal trainer who aims to help in aiding people to reach their personal goals. Because he understands perusing a healthier lifestyle takes hard work and dedication he takes the time to create a specialized work out and nutrition plan that works for you. Terrell is an N.P.T.I. graduate with certifications in multiple courses including PES, CES and is an NASM certified personal trainer.


"My passion for fitness began when I was at an all time low point in my life. I was overweight out of shape and unhappy. I promised myself that once I got myself together, I was going to help as many people as I can. I kept my word 3years later and 30lbs lighter I've made myself and others happy. I pride myself in not only training my clients with all my talents but also being a teacher to them and getting them the best results possible with 110% effort from me."

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